Thursday, June 25, 2009

Put On The Skants and Get Ready For the Results!

Really Cat? A dress/pants/skirt? A.K.A. Skants (all credit goes to Courtney for naming that fashion)

The skants were only revealed after the opening orgy choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon. Yeesh! All the water, the touching, the looking at the camera.....oh dear.

All this debauchery was followed by a touching tribute to the myth that deaths come in 3's in Hollywood. Michael Jackson (What??? Very sad...) was the only one to really impact the world of dance. But, it was nice to mention Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett.

And the bottom 3 are.....

Asuka & Vitolio
Carla & Jonanthan
Caitlin & Jason

Bummed about Kupono sticking around....but at least Evan & Randi's "Butt made the cut." Yeah, she said it.

Next was a performance by the Rage Boys Crew. They were kinda cute, especially the little ones. I did not like the jackets, thought they were cumbersome. We fast forwarded through the last little bit, because it became reallllllly long.

Can I point out the Asuka's solo dance was to the song "Don't Trust A Ho"? Seriously? Oh, the irony. Vitolio stole a part of my soul by looking seductively at the camera. And maybe Jason could benefit by some fund that could provide proper dance clothes?? Did his shift just end at Hollister? Still like him, though.

I enjoy listening to The Veronica's on the few occasions that my kids are not in the van and I get to listen to my satelite radio instead of anything Veggie Tales. Having never seen them before, I must admit that I did not know that they all died years ago and mere shells of their bodies would be performing. Had to fast forward through the last bit o' that.

Onto the eliminations....ASUKA & JONATHAN are out! No tears were shed over here. That means Carla & Vitolio will be the new couple.

Tune in next week when Courtney will be covering all the deatails....


renee said...

yeah, definitely okay with the results. it was time for those 2 to hit the road... or cirque du soleil - either one.

is it totally wrong and shameful of me that i loved that opening number by nab/tab? i know there was lots of seductiveness there, yes there was, but i just thought it was so awesome. loved the water effect, and couldn't stop watching kayla in the front.

chat with you girls next week! mmmmwwwaaahhhh!

Crafty P said...

short succinct and to the point. like it.

okay, tonight's results proved the point that Karen told me a ways back- they prerecord a lot of these live shows. That opening number was testament to that. water. then no water. there's no way they could have done that soft porn water thing live. seriously. what is up. still love NabTap though.

skants. ha! ROTFLMAO. HA!

And how about Ms. Beetlejuice- I wonder what Nigel really thinks about her... he called her out at one point and said name the routine that she thought should have been in the bottom three. I'm happy this week is over... who's the guest judge next week? Is Debbie Allen coming to judge??? please???

did anyone else hate the lighting they did for caitlin and jason. it was so awful and did not help their performance at all. I thought it was good except the lighting was horrendous. i'm such a critic. sorry.

Megan said...

Those were my picks to go home so I was happy (well not happy, but not sad at all). I liked the opening number as well, loved the music and the change from slow tempo to faster. I hate hate hate the camera work. This is pretty much consistent every season - too much cutting from various angles and it's hard to get a picture of the whole number. I don't mind the close ups, but it always seems like it's too much and weird shots.

I like Jason's solos more than I like his regular performances. I was scared for a second they were cutting him and I was so relieved when Nigel let him off the hook.

I think I am the only fan of Kupono in the bunch. I think I like him (not my fav or anything) because he seems to have more of an ability to get into the performance and play a part. I think the thing with Jason and Jonathan is that they don't do that too well - especially Jonathan. Jason is so good and I want to see him do contemporary.

I think Randi is my favorite girl and Ade is my favorite guy with Evan and Kayla and Melissa second.

Happy said...

I am quite shocked really. And not about the results. I'm shocked to have seen the words soft porn typed from Crafty P's fingers!

Yikes! What is the rating on SYTYCD?

Does anyone like America's Got Talent? I watched about five minutes of that the other night mistaking it for SYTYCD.

(Here's where I picture the Sisterhood all lined up hurling things at me....)


I dedicated a whole post to the questions you left me in my comments so you better read it! :)

Rachel said...

I'm not saying that I didn't like the opening number, just that it was soooo sexy I had to divert my innocent eyes occasionally. I guess I never realized about the taped segments verses live performances. Does it matter for the opening dance? I don't think it detracts from my love of the show. Does it change anything for you guys?

Yes, Happy, this is whenre we throw things at you through cyber space. SYTYCD should NEVER and I mean NEVER be mistaken for the big hot mess called America's Got Talent!

My favorite dancers, I think for right now, are Randi and Evan!

Crafty P said...

I don't think it detracts from enjoying the opening dance, just that I noticed they were wet and then they weren't and I remembered Karen telling me about pre-taped parts of Dancing with Stars when she's been to a show.

I'm lovin' Randi and Evan, too. I hope that Jason brings his game this week... he's such a strong dancer and I feel like he hasn't really been showcased at all.

I enjoyed the opening dance, too, BTW. htat's always my favorite part.

As for the Veronicas... wow, I couldn't help but think, what do these people eat (or not eat). geesh!

Happy- enough already! Turn on your tv this WEDNESDAY and WATCH!!! I command you to chime in with an informed opinion! I promise you will find great entertainment value in it!

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