Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Land Shark!

In the midst of all of our May madness of weddings and birthdays and rehearsals...etc., our Joe came up to me and asked if I could help him get the apple peel out from between his teeth. But, of course your service. As I'm digging between his teeth, I was surprised to see this...

Anybody else see what I see? That's right. Two rows of teeth on the bottom, a la shark family! I, predictably gasped waaaay to dramatically for the situation which scared Joe right down to his toes. I thought he was going to clamp down on my arm with all those teeth in his head. After explaining what I was looking at to him, I calmly asked if he could feel the new teeth with his tongue. "Well, yeah Mom." That would be the 6 year old equivalent of "Duh!" "Why didn't you mention the fact that new teeth were growing in?" "I don't didn't hurt or anything."

Well, swell. The nice receptionist at the dentists office told us that this is very common and won't take more than 5 minutes to pull the baby teeth out. Yikes! Even if they're not loose? Even if they're not loose. Over at the Meanest Mom blog, she posted about the same thing happening to her shark!

I kindly let Jay take Joe and Bella (who was due for her 6 month check up anyway) to the dentist while I stayed at home with our child that is only growing one set of teeth right now.

Joe handled it like a pro; getting the Novocaine, the pulling, picking his prize from the treasure box of Oriental Trading Co. trinkets that will inevitably break before the van pulls into the driveway. I, myself, have always had a phobia of the dentist. We did not go regularly...or at all as kids. And for the life of me, I cannot figure out why someone would want to stick their hands in someone else's mouth! Yuck! When I do go these days, the nurse/hygienist/executioner/assistant hands me tissues as I sit in the chair. I don't cry, per say, but tears definitely leak out.

Anywho....Joe did great! Until the Novocaine started to wear off and that tingly, itchy feeling took over his face. The poor boy drooled and cried himself to sleep for a long nap after we convinced him that his head would not fall off. When he woke up, it was like nothing happened at all.

After a long discussion about what the Tooth Fairy would do and bring (not a cool coaching whistle like Daddy's), the tooth fairy did visit and left a nice reward...even if the teeth did not fall out the old fashioned way. And maybe the tooth fairy dropped the teeth on the bedroom floor in the dark and had to get on her hands and knees to find them, lest she get mauled by a shark in the morning.


Crafty P said...

oh I love it. great story. that is still baffling to me and I'm THRILLED it was not as traumatic as our tooth pulling experience (well, for the mommy at least).

I'll be headed to the dentist for FOUR little boys in a week and a half! woo hoo

Courtney said...

ugh. I had to cover my eyes and read through my fingers for part of this. Teeth are gross (Dustin and I both think so...I think Jay will have to take our kids to the dentist!) But I'm proud of Junior. He looks so old in that second picture! Farewell shark teeth, hello heartbreaker!

Rebecca said...

Oh my...I would have had a heart attack. Your little boy is so brave! And so cute! Really...a definite heartbreaker. Do girls knock on the door yet? Please tell me that doesn't happen in kindergarten...

I love your names for the dentist and dental assistants! You crack me up!

Hannah said...

Oh my poor little boy!! What a trooper! Shark teeth or no, he still has my heart... (Don't tell Trigger!)