Thursday, June 18, 2009

I've Hijacked the Dance!

Poor Crafty P has fallen ill (sinus infection...yuck!) so, as any good Sister in a Hood I'll recap the results show for Thursday night. Don't forget lift Crafty up in prayer for a speedy recovery!

The show opened with a Mia Michaels number to a techno Stevie Wonder ditty. The scary, tattoo faced, jerky performance under massive lights was just so-so for me. I still have a soft spot for Ms. Michaels, though.

Cat looked lovely, as always.

I totally thought that the stab at jocularity at Lil' C's expense...especially when he then goes on to say things like "comfortabilty of a dance genre" was BUCK!

I predict Kupono is outro, yo.

Onto the bottom three couples......
Jason & Caitlin
Kupono & Ashley (am I right?)
Max & Kayla...what???

After the announcements was a performance that I can only say gives new meaning to "be there with bells on". What style was that? Balliwood?

Please send Kupono home!

Here come the solo's.....nothing stood out too much for me, except for 2 minor things.
1. How can someone dance with jeans on, Jason? But, since I like you, I'll let it slide.
and 2. I hate it when the audience counts down! It totally ruins the last few seconds of the dance for me.

Is Kupono gone yet?

Now there is a performance by (according to my Cat to English dictionary) Christainia deBarge??? Let me tell ya, all the wind machines and daisy dukes in L.A. cannot make up for some serious lip synching. Yeesh.

Kupono who?

It's time!!!! I agree with the judges choice to send ASHLEY home. Of the 3 girls, she was my least favorite.

Here it comes...send Kupono home! Keep all the other couples together! Don't put style before talent! Ahhhh shucks! It's MAX who's going home. Sad face here. Did anyone else think Kayla looked mad that Kupono is her new partner? Should be interesting.

Tune in next week for a recap by....oh yeah. Me!


Happy said...

Since I bring nothing to the SYTYCD table I at the very least linked to the Sisterhood's reviews over at my place tonight.

Hopefully, it will keep the Sisterhood from hatin on Happy because she still hasn't watched the show yet...

I agree though...never put style before talent...unless you're me and you have no talent! HA!

Crafty P said...

seriously mad about Kupono still in the running. Max's "dance for your life" was WAY better than his. Are they keeping him b/c he has a cool name and is just "different"... me thinks it is their reason.

I would have rather seen Katelyn go than Ashley. Ashley was just so pretty and not a bad dancer. Her last dance was just so-so.

I liked the culture of the Indian dancing. I was mesmerized by how long she kept her feed moving! whoa!

did not like the scary tatooey faces on the dancers in the opening. I did like that Mia chose a song that was not new agey and I had no idea who wrote it. I thought it was interesting.

hated the deBarge girl. what was that? Was she a pussycat girl? THat's all i could think of and why did she use that "goodbye" track in her song. blech

renee said...

great recap rachel!!

mia michael's routine... loved the originality and the uniqueness of it, and couldn't stop watching. however, i think she shouldn't try something SO different that it gets too "weird"... i tend to like her slow, lyrical pieces much more. that said though, the choreography looked super tough and so sharp and exact. the dancers did a great job with it and even if it's not exactly what i would prefer to watch, it was interesting. she can ALMOST do no wrong :)

i think i would have enjoyed ashley staying around longer... liked her a lot. but caitlin's solo WAS beautiful and she moves so well...
was not happy with max getting voted off. his solo was MUCH better than kupono's - kupono did nothing in his solo, and i agree that it's like they are keeping him around just for his "uniqueness." shouldn't always be the case! - i think i say that too much with this show :)

loved watching the indian dancer... did not like deBarge girl (and that wave at the end was creepy) :)

Megan said...

ugh, my comment was erased...i hate redoing them, they're never as good the second time around!
anyway, very bummed about max. he had a great solo and performed well both nights and in a different style. for some reason this show seems hard on male ballroom dancers. i do like kupono but based on the botttom 3 and their solo's he should have gone. i know they keep him b/c of his quirkiness and personality but you can't keep someone around just b/c they are fun or have potential. totally short changed max who did absolutely nothing wrong and shouldn't have been in the bottom 3.

caitlin would have been my pick to go over ashley. i just can't see caitlin adapting to other styles as well. her solo, while beautiful, wasn't much different from what she did in vegas that they called outdated or old fashioned?

i fast forwarded through the debarge girl - wasn't interested and the few seconds we did watch had such horrible lip synching that we skipped it.

i hope next week is better - always looking forward to it no matter what!

Cindy said...

So ends another SYTYCD week. I have to sy that I wanted Ashley to go and not Max, I thought Max did a really great job. Between Jonathan and Kupono I don't think I cared but I really didn't want Max to go. So now watching with fresh eyes, as in never having watched this show before I am interested to see how the new couple dances together. There is newness this week not only of the dances but also the new partners. I am tooking forward to Wednesday night. I do hope though that it will be as well danced as the first week was!

Courtney said...

way to pick up for a girl in need! Great recap. And for real- Kupono dances like a girl. I want to like him...and almost do, but something about his feminine movement just bugs me. I totally thought Max would stay.

Also- sometimes the fillers on this show are ridiculous. It's better than Seacrest banter, but I totally fast forwarded through the Indian lady, and that lip synching/bootie short wearing/fan relying piece of mess that was the musical performance.

So overall not great- but someone has to leave, and I'm not really in love with any of them yet. Soon hopefully...