Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 11 Photo!!!

"Where You Ate Breakfast" was today's photo prompt. 
There it is.  I ate right in the living room, cozy on the couch with Trey.  Mornings at our house are always a mad rush of activity as we get the big kids out the door for school.  Once the door closes behind them, I admittedly hunker down on the couch while Trey is eating his breakfast and fixated on a show.  My eyes may or may not be open during this time.  After a few minutes, Trey might get cozy with me or just sit on me and bounce until I get up or start yelling that he has to use the big potty.  Once that stillness is broken, we'll go into the kitchen together, make a pot of coffee and my oatmeal.  I'll read to him while I eat or just watch him destroy...errrr, play with his toys.  That's it.  Nothing truly note worthy or exciting.


Happy said...

We almost have the same couch. Ours has some wood work on the front. Truth be told, I hate it.

Did I just say I hate your couch? No, I hate MY couch. That looks a lot like your couch. Only your couch looks so much nicer....

On a more complimentary note (?), I think its exciting just to get a glimpse into your daily life, even something mundane like where you eat your breakfast.

So there. I like knowing you eat your breakfast on your super duper nice couch with your super duper cool kid!

Crafty P said...

happy is hilarious.

I forgot to look at the prompt today (again)!