Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 18 Photo(s)!!!

Today's photo prompt was "hair".  I simply cannot just put up ONE picture of my has too much of a story to tell!
Come on!  This is my 8th grade school picture.  How was it possible to NOT have a long line of suitors waiting on me?  I mean, the angles, the frizz, the thickness?  What's not to love?
First of all, I loved that shirt, so shhhhh!  Now, let's focus on the lovely blue/black color of my hair and the highly curled and sprayed bangs.  Nice, right?
As out of control as this is, it's in my comfort zone.   Big, curly, wild....
Then, I met Jay and THIS horrible hair cut happened.  I'm thinking my friends were mad at me.  Or maybe they thought I was doing some type of social experiment to see if a stranger would actually ask me if I was serious about my hair.

Well I showed them!  While on our honeymoon, I had my hair chopped right off my head.  I kept it that way for about a year.  It wasn't too horrible, but it just wasn't me.  So I thought this was better...

Yeah, that's right.  Blonde.  What the what?  People let me go to work like this.  For shame!  I maintained the color until my scalp became nothing but scar tissue from the burning.
So, I let it grow out and tweaked the color.  And I discovered the joy of the ceramic straightener!  I didn't straighten it too often and the damage was probably not worth all the work it took to make it look smooth as opposed to flatly frizzy.

These days, I keep it curly (and a normal color) with the help of my friend Kelly and DevaChan hair products!!!


Katy said...

oh Rachel! I was laughing so hard at this progression! I had no idea. I am going to share this with a curly friend who was just lamenting her hair the other day.

holly glo. said...

EPIC hair. So funny. I love the school picture with the striped shirt.

heather nudi-lord said...

Now there's the Rachael I remember!!! I remember that shirt too!!