Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 8 Photo!

First of all, HAPPY EASTER! He is risen!

Today's photo prompt was 'wallet'. This was so odd to me.  I never, ever give my wallet a second thought...or even a first thought.  I'm guessing here, but I think I've had this particular wallet since BEFORE I met Jay.  So, more than 15 years.  Do you change wallets?  Do you get a new one every so often?  Why?  What do you look for in a wallet?  Is it an accessory?  Mine is strictly functional.  Take a look see....

 Even though it looks like it's pretty full, believe me, it's not stuffed with cash or credit cards.  Mostly, it's insurance cards (Do you hold every family members card with you?  Where do you keep them if not in your wallet?), gift cards and store reward cards.

However, the one interesting thing I keep in there are these laminated prayer cards.  My sister-in-law gave these to me before Jay and I went on a mission trip to Hungary (I don't recommend it).  That was 11 or 12 years ago.  I keep things, son.  And I like laminated things.

I also have this...

 ...which I consider to be an extension of my wallet.  It was given to me by my friend Courtney's mom.  I love her.  I keep 3 things in this bag.  Loose change, quotes and scriptures that have been laminated (yes!), and trinkets to remind me to pray and that people are praying for us.
What's in your wallet?


Happy said...

Well, I'm the opposite with how often I go through wallets...I can never seem to find one that I like the look of and function.

Hannah makes wallets out of duct tape. They are both unique and functional, but not quite my style and wouldn't fit all of our health cards. And yes, I carry all of ours together, including Derek's. Heaven knows he would only lose it if I didn't.

However, I hear lamination. I'd laminate everything, if only I had my own laminating machine. Do you have one? Can I come over and laminate? Big fan of laminating, right here.

Rachel said...

I do not have my own laminating machine...and don't be fooled by the "contact paper" sold as laminating paper! I will use the one at the kids' school if a need arises. Being on the PTA DOES come with benefits, ya know.