Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 5 Photo!!!

Tiny.  That's today's photo prompt.  It's all about perspective, really.  Bella tried to help me find some tiny things around the house today.  The things that she pointed out as tiny, seemed merely 'little' to me.  I was having a tough time describing to her what I think 'tiny' is.  For something to be tiny, I think it must be unbelievably small...too small to actually exist, but yet it does.  An infants pinky nail, or the eye of a needle, or a shard of glass...none of those things were handy, so I settled on.....

Those are some tiny stars!  I think my mother-in-law bought this pasta for me because she loves me and my love of all things stars.  It's been in the cabinet for quite. some. time. (I'm not saying years, but it might be years)  What does one DO with this type of pasta?  Seriously.  What do I do with it?


Crafty P said...

{shock} what do you do with pastina?!?!? why you add it to chicken broth and make SOUP!
or just cook it and give it to littles with some butter on it.

in a flash!

those are certainly tiny! I love pastina. Big Nonno used to say "pastina for christina" - sniff, sniff

Happy said...

I, too, love pastina! I've served it with a little butter and some steamed mixed veggies to the kids and its great in chicken broth, yes!

Niki A said...

An Italian way of cooking it is to boil it, drain it, and then crack a raw egg over it and stir quickly. This creates teeny tiny curds of egg and like a delicate coating on the noodles. Add salt and pepper, and if you're living it up a little parmesan. :) The way my gram pronounced it was "pah-steen"