Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 12 Photo!

Today's prompt was "stairs". 

I didn't want to take a picture from the bottom of the steps looking up, because admittedly, I didn't want the blogging world to see all the scuff marks on the face of each step.  Though, let me tell ya, a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser takes care of that right quick.  Anywho, these steps were a labor of love.  When we moved in to the house, there was this horribly pale blue carpet throughout the first and second floor.  Once we had dogs and high school kids over (for Bible studies) you could see dirt trails through every room!  Jay painstakingly refinished all the floors.  The steps were no easy feat!  He had to do every other step about a million times and find ways to keep the dogs off them.  And I love the tile at the bottom!  We did all the work ourselves!  Hooray for home improvements! 
p.s. The Spongebob scarf wound through the baby gate is my homemade locking mechanism.  Shabby chic?  Maybe.

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