Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 21 Photo!!

"Bottle".....oooh the possibilities!  Then, the reality.  We don't have too many bottles in the house.  Why is that?  Sure, there's olive oil, dressings and such.  But, that seems so boring.  I don't have any cool wine bottles, empty or otherwise.  No water bottles or pop bottles.  Hmmmm...Then I remembered this!
This is a bottle of sparkling juice given to us by our friend as an engagement gift.  I told you guys!  I keep stuff!  I thought it was so sweet that he went to the trouble to change the label to make it his last name!  (When he gave this to us, the letter he taped to the bottle matched the actual label.  It's been a few years.)  So, it's been perched on top of a bookcase in our office for years and years and it will be for many more years.   Plus, this was a good opportunity to play with lighting and stuff with the camera.

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Crafty P said...

hmmmm, YOU keep stuff? do you keep stuff like I keep stuff? I think you just keep different kinds of stuff! LOL